The London Swinton Circle was founded in the mid 1960’s. Its original membership was composed solely of those who had attended Conservative Party training schools at Swinton Castle in Yorkshire, and who wished to maintain contact with each other through regular meetings in London. Since that time, however, the London Swinton Circle has expanded its membership, and now welcomes members from all backgrounds who support traditional Conservative and Unionist principles.

The Circle holds regular meetings which are addressed by speakers on issues of interest to the Circle. Over the years the Circle has been addressed by members of the Conservative Party, the United Kingdom Independence Party and from the Ulster Unionist parties. The Circle has also been addressed by a number of authors, journalists, campaigners and other political commentators.

On 9 October the Circle was addressed by Professor Paul Ormerod on the issues of Brexit, privatisation of public services, the British economy, and declining standards in many Universities due to over provision.

The Circle was addressed by Professor Alan Sked on 17 October. Professor Sked reviewed the true history of the founding of the EEC and the forces behind its creation. He then reviewed Britain’s relations in the EU, the arguments used to sell the EEC in 1973 and today. Professor Sked was very critical of a number of senior personalities within the current cabinet and how they have handled the Brexit talks so far and suggested they should be removed from office and replaced by committed brexiteers.

Forthcoming Meetings

Our next meeting will be on 25 October. Full details will be circulated to members.


Anyone who upholds the aims and objectives is invited to join the Swinton Circle.

The aims and objectives of the Swinton Circle include:

  • National Sovereignty
  • Maintenance of the Union
  • Support for the Commonwealth Realms
  • Proportionate punishments for crimes, including the restitution of capital punishment
  • Qualified and justified immigration rather than mass immigration
  • Equitable taxation and greater accountability of public spending at both the national and local level of government
  • The promotion of values and morals within a Christian framework
  • The celebration of British culture

If you agree with the aims and objectives of the Circle and wish to support traditional Conservatism and Unionism by joining the Swinton Circle please either download and complete the application form or simply pay via PayPal.

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