The London Swinton Circle was founded in the mid 1960’s. Its original membership was composed solely of those who had attended Conservative Party training schools at Swinton Castle in Yorkshire, and who wished to maintain contact with each other through regular meetings in London. Since that time, however, the London Swinton Circle has expanded its membership, and now welcomes members from all backgrounds who support traditional Conservative and Unionist principles.

The Circle holds regular meetings which are addressed by speakers on issues of interest to the Circle. Over the years the Circle has been addressed by members of the Conservative Party, the United Kingdom Independence Party and from the Ulster Unionist parties. The Circle has also been addressed by a number of authors, journalists, campaigners and other political commentators.

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP addressed the Circle on 13 November. Sir Jeffrey sounded an apocalyptic warning that if the Chequers-based deal with the EU is passed by Parliament it could endanger the future of the unity of the UK. The situation was that serious and much worse than the situation in November 1985 after the passage of the Anglo-Irish Agreement on 23 November 1985. A deal that put Northern Ireland in a separate position to the rest of the UK on trade would have a deleterious effect on trade coming into Belfast and would effectively segregate Ulster. However, the SNP government in Scotland would welcome a deal that segregates itself from the rest of the UK and so the UK would begin to fall apart. The Scottish Government would demand that Scotland stays in the Customs Union and be treated differently. No deal would be a much better and safer outcome. No deal would mean no money to the EU, automatic trading on WTO rules with the EU and may force the EU to come up with something much better. Relations with the Irish Government were now very poor despite the UK bailing them out in 2011 and helping their fishing and farming industries. Sadly they have worked hand in glove with the EU to foment this mischievous message that Brexit was bad for the Peace Process in NI and that Brexit would mean a hard border. Sir Jeffrey regretted that relations had reached a nadir with the Irish Republic. They had already erected a hard border against Northern Ireland’s fishermen. Sir Jeffrey indicated that the DUP will have themselves decisions to take in the coming days as regards sustaining the current Government in power if the deal with the EU has given away far too much. Labour will also have to face a moment of truth and decide if it is still a Unionist party and reject this deal with the EU. Once again Sir Jeffrey raised the possibility of a fundamental political realignment in the UK caused by this Brexit crisis. Sir Jeffrey also referred to the deadlocked discussions with Sinn Fein on the return of a devolved parliament at Stormont. His belief was that HMG ought to have brought back direct rule which might have forced Sinn Fein to modify their demands.

Forthcoming Meetings

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Anyone who upholds the aims and objectives is invited to join the Swinton Circle.

The aims and objectives of the Swinton Circle include:

  • National Sovereignty
  • Maintenance of the Union
  • Support for the Commonwealth Realms
  • Proportionate punishments for crimes, including the restitution of capital punishment
  • Qualified and justified immigration rather than mass immigration
  • Equitable taxation and greater accountability of public spending at both the national and local level of government
  • The promotion of values and morals within a Christian framework
  • The celebration of British culture

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