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Immigration to Britain rises in pre-election blow to Cameron
David Cameron immigration pledge in tatters as net immigration stands at 298,000
The Telegraph

Natalie Bennett car-crash LBC interview: She had it coming
The Telegraph
Natalie Bennett, Labour's secret weapon?
The New Statesman

It’s Time for Europe’s Jews To Arm Themselves

Lords raise concerns over plans to give 16 year olds the vote

TV watchdog launches investigation after more than five thousand complaints about 'biased' Channel 4 docudrama which imagined a Ukip election win
The Mail

UKIP Makes £3bn Extra NHS Funding Pledge
Sky News

No point pretending the Reform Act can revive Canada’s Pretend Parliament
National Post

Argentina annexes the Falkland Islands on their currency

Cash For Access: Rifkind Steps Down As MP

Islamic 'radicals' at the heart of Whitehall
Warsi gave official roles to people with links to Islamist groups
The Telegraph
Comment: Warsi should be stripped of her title and punished - and Cameron made to explain why he endorsed her

Obama’s blind indifference to Islamic terror
The Washington Times

"This flat is for blacks only": Shocking racist campaign to force white mum out of home
The Mirror

'A spectacular future awaits outside EU' says ex-Tory minster Owen Paterson
The Express

Outrage as Ukip use a Nazi swastika to attack rivals in 'abhorrent' Facebook post
The Mirror

Harriet Yeo, former Labour NEC chairwoman, backs UKIP
Why I dumped Miliband's Labour for Ukip: Harriet Yeo
The Telegraph

Islamic charity under spotlight after being accused of promoting extremism
The Telegraph

Paddington deaths: Rapist Ashraf Amrani 'murdered parents'

Scotland Yard 'failing to tackle corrupt elections in Tower Hamlets,' High Court told
Evening Standard

Death Penalty News

Should Turkey reinstate the death penalty?
Al Arabiya
Turkey’s Death Penalty Debate Demonstrates Waning EU Influence

Governor’s death penalty moratorium violates oath of office
Pennsylvania's flawed death penalty system in need of a fix
The Express-Times

Senior Al-Shabaab leader executed in Somalia
Global Times

Florida halts executions until Supreme Court considers controversial drug
CBC News

Saudi Arabia executions 'extraordinarily high' as state kills 28 people in five weeks
The Independent

Walter Storey Executed For Killing Special Ed Teacher Jill Frey
Huffington Post

Chinese billionaire executed for leading 'mafia-style' gang

Jordan executes convicted jihadists after pilot's death
Comment: Jordan demonstrates what all governments should do with terrorists


Cover-up: The Swedish Left’s Sacrifice of Women to Political Correctness

Ukiphobia: the prejudices that dare not speak their name

What could be more absurd than censorship on campus?

Casey Inspection Report

Have your say on the Corporation Tax (Northern Ireland) Bill

Win a year’s membership to English Heritage!

The battle to keep our Union together has only just begun


Please stop UK proposals for germline genetic modification of human embryos and the creation of 3-parent children

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II To Visit Gibraltar

To take decisive and immediate action to support the thousands of innocent Christians and others in Mosul, Iraq