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Sydney Siege

Statement from Australian Prime Minister

Sydney siege reveals the hidden face of Islamic extremism down under: Disturbing rise of plots in 'soft target' Australia
The Mail
Sydney siege: inside the terrifying hostage drama
Sydney Morning Herald
Get out tonight or we die: Lindt cafe hostages risked everything for their freedom
Daily Telegraph
Watch list questions over Monis

Comment: The Circle congratulates the Australian army on bringing to an end the Lindt coffee house siege. Under no circumstances should terrorist hostage takers be allowed to live. We are sorry that two innocent people lost their lives but heartened that many survived. Lone wolf attacks are becoming increasingly common and we strongly urge the internment of those islamists known to the authorities as Monis apparently was. It should be noted that Monis had abused his asylum seeker status when he began writing abusive letters to the families of service personnel. Why was he not deported back to Iran?

Australia a 'nation of victims', deadly Sydney siege unlikely in Texas, says pro-gun senator Leyonhjelm
ABC News

Britain 'days away' from terror plot, says Met chief
Evening Standard

Taliban Gunmen Storm Pakistani Military School, Killing More Than 100
Huffington Post

Nick Clegg attempts to calm NHS worries over EU-US trade deal
The Guardian

Four out of five new nurses on NHS wards are foreign: Influx leads to fears many lack English language skills needed for their job
The Mail

Scalia on torture morality: 'I don't think it's so clear at all'

Our faith condones raping underage slaves: ISIS publishes shocking guidebook telling fighters how to buy, sell and abuse captured women
The Mail

Foreign killer and criminals 'granted British citizenship', damning report reveals
The Independent

One in seven people arrested in Britain last year was foreign, damning figures reveal
The Mail

British soldiers now barred from shouting at terrorist suspects

Tory grandees angry as BBC chooses Hilary Mantel's 'The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher' for Book at Bedtime
The Independent

Conservatives should form a minority Government to avoid 'complicated' coalition, David Cameron's election strategist says
The Telegraph

Fracking chemicals could pose risks to reproductive health, say researchers
The Guardian

‘Failed experiment’: Privatized rail, water & utilities hit households financially

Bid to scupper bill on 0.7% foreign aid pledge fails
Comment: Cameron upholding the socialist commitment to redistribute our wealth.

Nigel Farage: Slash 80% of foreign aid to pay UK's deficit bill
Evening Standard

Labour MP Frank Field says Britain will turn 'very nasty' if the strain mass migration puts on public services isn't addressed
The Mail

Britain’s new MidEast base should should bolster Gibraltar’s role
UK to establish £15m permanent Mid East military base
Comment: British naval base to be built at Bahrain is most welcome. Our withdrawal from east of Suez has proved to be a disastrous policy. Fortunately the SAS kept Oman from going communist in 1972 but look at the sorry state of Yemen today! We need a reversal of all defence cuts since 2010.

Islamic school’s £1m of taxpayers’ cash ‘spent in Pakistan’
The Metro

Foreign Students Wrongly Handed £5.4m Of Taxpayer-Funded Loans
Huffington Post

Somali sex gang members who abused and raped British girls aged 13-17 are jailed for 40 years between them
The Mail

Death Penalty News

Saint Lucia Rejects UK Request to Scrap Death Penalty
Comment: Well done to Saint Lucia in standing up to Westminster

Pakistan Reinstates Death Penalty After Attack
Sky News

Death-row inmate convicted of Orangevale murder dies
Sacramento Bee

After Delay, Inmate Is Executed in Georgia
NY Times

Ethiopian who stabbed sleeping child beheaded in Saudi

Missouri executes prisoner over hammer murder
The Guardian

Eight sentenced to die for attacks in China's Xinjiang

Iran: 43 prisoners executed in 9 days

Indonesian president authorises five executions
The Guardian

Delaware jury votes 12-0 Otis Phillips should die

Montco baby-killer gets death penalty
Daily Local News

Saudi Arabia beheads Turkish man for drug trafficking
Press TV


Why Bashar al-Assad refuses to step down in Syria

100 years of capital punishment: From Michael Barratt to Ruth Ellis

Ed West: Tim Montgomerie has ten reasons for not voting for UKIP. Here are ten of mine for doing so.

The current threat level from international terrorism for the UK is assessed as SEVERE.

Honour And Remembrance

Sam Swerling address to at the Traditional Britain Group conference

Our boys in the Islamic state: Britain's export jihad
We've become the West's leading producer of 'foreign fighters'. Some day the chickens will come home to roost

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997 – 2013)