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Former Ukip candidate says 'Muslims shouldn't hold political power' in UK

David Cameron's EU deal a 'slap in the face for Britain' as PM admits it won't cut migration
Is that it then, Mr Cameron? PM tries to keep us in Europe by stitching up deal with Brussels allowing UK 'to block EU laws' - but what about protecting Britain's borders?The Mail

Violent migrant drug dealer can't be deported – because he wants to stay in UK

Muslim? Over half of France says no, according to poll

'Migrants' attack elderly Germans trying to protect woman from harassment on Munich train

Liam Fox: Terrorists could enter Britain among refugees

Italians protest same-sex unions, gay adoption

Limpets put the brakes on Rosia Bay project

Jess Phillips: Labour MP says mass Cologne sex attacks on women like 'Birmingham every weekend'
I hope Jess Phillips isn't proved right about Cologne-style attacks in Britain
Judith Woods in The Telegraph
Comment: Labour MPs know what is happening, even if they can only make allusions

Sweden To Expel Up To 80,000 Migrants
Finland expects to expel 20,000 of last year's asylum seekers
Comment: If Finland and Sweden can do it so can we

Denmark adopts controversial law to seize asylum seekers' valuables
Comment: The people cannot be expected to pay for migrants; we need to implement a similar law

The making of us as a nation, says Chief Minister
Comment: Work needs to be done to reassure Gibraltar on exit from EU

Jeremy Corbyn wants power-sharing deal for Falkland Islands

Fury over EU plans to make Britain accept 90,000 refugees a year as part of migrant quota 'that would make Calais even more of a magnet' 

No, 2015 Was Not The Hottest Year Evah…
James Delingpole in the Breitbart News

Al-Moallem: Terrorism has spread to the states that have been supporting it for five years

Death Penalty News

Oldest prisoner on Georgia's death row is executed

Maine Gov. Paul LePage: Bring back the guillotine for drug traffickers

Saudi Arabia executions reach 53 in January, one-third of 2015 toll

Texas carries out second execution of the year

Delaware House Rejects Legislation to Abolish Death Penalty

Four get death penalty in Gaza over spying for Israel

Alabama carries out 1st execution in more than 2 years

Inmate Who Got Pope's Attention Executed In Texas