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David Cameron heckled by long-serving Tory over failure to curb migration
The Telegraph

Bercow close to tears as MPs defeat Tory plot to oust him as Speaker as Cameron and Hague are humiliated on last Commons' last day before the election
The Mail

Rotherham: Complaints Made Against 42 Officers
Sky News

Allister Exposes Gerry Kelly Royal Pardon – and Demands NIO Answers

Leave Facebook if you don't want to be spied on, warns EU
The Guardian

Nicola Sturgeon faces SNP rebellion on equality
The Scotsman

SNP will hold whip hand if Miliband is PM, vows Alex Salmond
The Express

Bid to halt illegal migrants fails: Damning verdict of EU border controls
The Express
Calais in crisis: Illegal immigrants reach port with NO border checks as they start targeting cars and caravans to get into Britain
The Mail

Cash for access: Fake donor pays way to heart of big parties
Now David Cameron and Ed Miliband caught in cash for access row over chats with 'businessman'
The Telegraph

Theresa May drops rules on ordering universities to ban extremist speakers
The Guardian

Farage wants DUP alliance to force a EU referendum
The Express

France is Europe's 'big problem', warns Mario Monti
The Telegraph

Malcolm Fraser dead: the liberal lost to the Liberal cause
The Canberra Times

Metropolitan Police to be investigated over claims of 14 separate child sex abuse cover-ups because MPs and officers were involved
The Mail

'It's all bollocks' says UKIP's David Coburn as Sunday Mail grill him on Humza Yousaf comment
Daily Record

'No votes in defence’? The Tories should be ashamed
Talking about defence is not on the Conservative Party's agenda right now. It should be
The Telegraph

Nigel Farage would axe 'much of' race discrimination law

Ulster Unionist leader Lord Molyneaux distrusted peace efforts with the IRA
The Globe and Mail

Yemen crisis: President Hadi flees country by boat as Houthi rebels advance on Aden
International Business Times

Death Penalty News

Pakistan hangs 12 convicts in jails across the country

Missouri executes Cecil Clayton, state's oldest death-row inmate
The Guardian

Somalia: Puntland military court executes 3 alleged Al Shabaab members
Garowe online

Saudi 'gang' leader 44th beheaded this year
Yahoo! news

Utah lawmakers vote to become only state to allow firing squad
Fox News


Britain's Racist Election (predictable Channel 4 politics but worth a watch)

Where the Bodies Are Buried - Gerry Adams has long denied being a member of the I.R.A. But his former compatriots claim that he authorized murder.

Who are the best and worst MPs?

Cover-up: The Swedish Left’s Sacrifice of Women to Political Correctness

Ukiphobia: the prejudices that dare not speak their name

What could be more absurd than censorship on campus?

Casey Inspection Report

Have your say on the Corporation Tax (Northern Ireland) Bill

Win a year’s membership to English Heritage!

The battle to keep our Union together has only just begun


Please stop UK proposals for germline genetic modification of human embryos and the creation of 3-parent children

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II To Visit Gibraltar

To take decisive and immediate action to support the thousands of innocent Christians and others in Mosul, Iraq


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