In the News

Ex-MEP Nikki Sinclaire charged with expenses fraud and money laundering
Birmingham Mail

Public backs bakery in 'gay cake' row, says poll
The Mail online

Trojan horse plot report: 'disturbing' evidence of intolerant Islamic ethos
The Telegraph

UK should make Eid and Diwali public holidays, [Conservative] MP argues

EU report finds no evidence to support sweeping immigration reforms
The Guardian
Comment: Well there's a surprise

Poll Suggests At Least Two MPs For Ukip At 2015 General Election
Huffington Post

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israel may have committed war crimes, says UN human rights chief
The Independent

‘US is trying to capitalize on Malaysian air crash tragedy’
Deleted posts suggest Ukraine rebels downed Malaysian jet in error
The China Post
White House 'leak': Ukraine did it
Press TV

Priti Patel MP: Who is the new Treasury minister who supports death penalty and rejects plain packaging for cigarettes?
The Independent

Cabinet reshuffle: does David Cameron think sacking male ministers will make women vote for him?
Norman Tebbit in The Telegraph

Why I, as a Muslim, am launching a campaign to ban the burka in Britain
Dr Taj Hargey in The Mail

Muslim Protesters in Paris Chant “Death to the Jews”, Attack Synagogue
(French) PM denounces Jewish-Muslim conflicts in France
Yahoo news

Falkland Islanders would be 'very happy' if Argentina ruled them, ambassador claims
The Express

Former prime minister Tony Blair 'could be called before inquiry over IRA on the run letters'
Belfast Telegraph

Thou shalt not lie: MPs to learn commandments
The Telegraph
Comment: We can but hope

Royals laugh as Commonwealth Games boss struggles to retrieve Queen's speech during spectacular opening ceremony
Hello! magazine
Commonwealth Games opening ceremony scores peak of 9m viewers
The Guardian

Gib team flies out to Glasgow Games hunting for medals against all odds
Comment: The Swinton Circle wishes the Gibraltar team every success in the Commonwealth Games

Death Penalty News

Missouri executes man for killing 3 people
Observer and Eccentric

Malawi will not abolish the death penalty , UN told
Nyasa Times
Comment: Well done Malawi

Death Penalty Debate

Fewer Russian citizens support death penalty - poll
Russia Beyond the Headlines
Comment: The majority are still supporting the death penalty even after 18 years since the last execution. Russia has gone through periods before when the death penalty was abolished - not all the Czar's supported execution in the way that Peter the Great, Alexander III and Nicholas II did when holding supreme power. The reputation of the criminal justice and the Police is currently not very good in Russia. Mistakes have been made and covered up; incompetence condoned, etc. So despite all this a majority still want to see some executions. Of course the death penalty was harshly and unjustly applied under Lenin and Stalin to say the very least but a policy of restricting it to multiple murder, serial rape and terrorism would be a good start. Andrei Chikatilo was the last high profile execution in Russia (Feb 1994).

Can we join the civilized world and end the death penalty?
Comment: The Starkweather murders were brought to the big screen in 1973 by Martin Sheen and Cissy Spacek. The film did not glamourise their crimes. They killed ten people for very little reason. Nebraska was right to put Starkweather in the electric chair. 'Murder in the Heartland' (a film with Sam Neill has a state Police murder bureau detective) featured Kansas's last executions in April 1965. This involved a quadruple murder investigation. Again a mid west state not prolific in its use of the death penalty retained the ultimate punishment to punish egregious crimes such as multiple murder. Similarly Colorado put John Graham in the gas chamber in 1957 for blowing up 44 people in a plane using a time bomb. His target was his mother who was a passenger!

Are Americans Turning Against the Death Penalty?
Will Saletan

The sentence should be death
The Prince George Citizen


How Scottish is the SNP?

Call for the Queen to visit Gibraltar

Spectator debate: Independence is the greatest threat to Edinburgh

UKNDA - The Dangers of Denial

Joint TUV – UKIP Statement – 100,000 Unionists Cannot Be Ignored


Reject GIRFEC surveillance and named person for every child in Scotland

Require schools to teach about the two World Wars in new National Curriculum for History (England)

UKIP to be involved in 2015 Televised Debates