In the News

Election 2015: Seven-party TV debate plan announced

Police to probe Leon Brittan's alleged Westminster paedophile cover-up beyond the grave
The Mirror

Thousands of supporters turn out as PEGIDA rally returns to Dresden
Deutsche Welle

Nearly half of Londoners support death penalty for terrorists
Evening Standard

Irish dissident groups learning from Taliban and Isis, police officer warns
The Guardian

Balls and Miliband knew about the 2008 crash but failed to act, new book claims
The Telegraph

Tory-controlled Kingston upon Thames council could be the first to become flagship independent authority
The Independent

Toll rises in anti-cartoon riots in Niger

Convicted terror leader with link to Paris whom we cannot deport
Al-Qaeda fundraiser from Leicester connected to seiges in France, uses Human Rights Act to stay in Britain
The Telegraph

Isis using UK female jihadis to incite terror acts back home
The Guardian

Farage: Paris attack result of 'fifth column' who hate us
Channel 4 News
Nigel Farage blames Paris attack on 'rather gross policy of multi-culturalism'
The Telegraph

Paris attacks: Ukip MEP Gerard Batten renews calls for Muslims to sign charter against violence
The Independent

Paris attacks brought European countries to account over policies – Assad

Europe's imperial court is a threat to all our democracies
The Telegraph

51 per cent want to leave the EU! Poll result sparks new demands for early referendum
The Express

Support rises among Party members for a second Coalition with the Liberal Democrats
Comment: says it all. But clearly not leftwing enough for some, as -
A Tory-Labour unity coalition may be the only way forward after 7 May
The Guardian

Death Penalty News

With GOP in power, will W.Va. restore death penalty?

Indonesia executes six drug convicts, including foreigners
Sydney Morning Herald
Comment: Good to see both a tough stance on crime and a defiant stand against the left-wing international community

A Vietnam Veteran with PTSD is the First US Execution of 2015
The Intercept

Marine Le Pen Calls for Return of Death Penalty After Paris Shooting

Seven convicts hanged in four jails

68 drug dealers given death sentence, says BNN
The Jakarta Post

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Unlikely to Get Death
Epoch Times

Jordan hangs 11 men after eight-year halt to death penalty
The Guardian
Comment: in recent years the following countries ended death penalty moratoria - Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Japan, Gambia, Kuwait, Jordan and Indonesia plus the US State of Missouri. It's time the UK moved into the 21st century and restored the death penalty


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