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David Cameron to quit after UK votes to leave EU

Scotland should ‘never leave EU’ - new UK independence referendum 'highly likely'

'We'll put the Spanish flag on the Rock' Spain makes grab for Gibraltar after Brexit vote

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Europe’s Right Reacts With Joy And Hope To British Brexit

Donald Trump Hails Brexit Vote as Brits 'Taking Back Their Country'

Death Penalty News

Somali court sentences 43 al-Shabaab militants to death

California Voters to Choose Between Abolishing the Death Penalty or Speeding Up Executions

Craig Wall sentenced to death for 2010 murders of girlfriend and their 5-week-old son

Stephon Lindsay sentenced to death in murder of daughter

Father attacks daughter's killer in court
Serial killer Michael Madison's death sentence an antidote for victims' families

Jury recommends death penalty for Oakland double murderer