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Guardian Backlash After Branding Tower Of London Poppies A 'Ukip-Style Memorial'
Huffington Post

Ukip march continues: Voters support reaches record high after EU bid to get £1.7bn off UK
The Express

Nearly a third of voters prepared to support Ukip
The Observer

Labour faces electoral wipeout in Scotland as new poll shows party will hold just four seats
The Telegraph

Immigrants are 'prepared to die' for UK benefits, says mayor
The Express

Illegal immigrants trying to reach Britain have turned Calais into a 'lawless jungle', says French far-right leader Marine Le Pen
The Mail

Cameron uses Downing Street talks to challenge Emir of Qatar to stop the flow of cash to ISIS
The Mail

Tony Blair 'says Ed Miliband will lose 2015 general election'
The Independent
Tony Blair denies backing the Conservatives to win 2015 general election
Evening Standard

Six out of 10 prisoners freed from short jail sentences re-offend within a year
The Telegraph

Scottish government calls for maximum devolution
The Guardian

'Arm British police' says US intelligence chairman
The Telegraph

Canada shooting: Crowds line 500 kilometres of 'Highway of Heroes' to pay respect to fallen soldier
ABC Online
More details emerge on Canadian Parliament gunman's past
Fox News

Ukip Calypso Singer, Mike Read, Asks Record Company To Withdraw Controversial Song
Huffington Post

The Canadian Ebola vaccine that was shelved for ten years despite being 100% effective - and is only now being rushed through human trials
The Mail

UKIP's alliance in Europe rescued by Polish MEP

Labour Sets Up Anti-UKIP Unit To Tackle Farage
Sky News

Tory byelection hopeful backs Ukip’s points system for EU migrants
The Guardian

Head of sex abuse inquiry Fiona Woolf defends links to Leon Brittan
Evening Standard
Fiona Woolf urged to step down from abuse inquiry over Leon Brittan links
The Guardian

Ken Clarke: Some Eurosceptic Tories should be in UKIP
Comment: Some Eurofederalist Tories should be in the Liberal Democrats

David Cameron's plans to limit immigration through quotas for EU workers is illegal, European President says
The Telegraph
EU chief warns 'no possibility' of UK reducing immigration – as Cameron is warned quota on migrant workers would break the law
The Independent
Whose law?

UKIP's first MP Douglas Carswell: 'Change is coming'
Douglas Carswell truly grasps the root of our malaise
The Telegraph

Canadian soldier dies after suspected Islamic radical’s car attack

Downing Street set to crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood
The Telegraph

ISIS sold Muslim women to Jews, Kuwaiti cleric charges
The Jerusalem Post

The full Order of Service for Ian Paisley’s memorial service
Belfast Telegraph

Bishops Reject Shift in Tone for Gay, Divorced Catholics
Wall Street Journal

Russian Orthodox to Catholics: Let’s work together to defend life and family
Life Site

Spanish fighter jets illegally invade British airspace over Gibraltar
The Express
Comment: RAF jets need to be scrambled when this happens again. A whole squadron of Tornados should be kept at Gibraltar.

UK is lone parent capital of Western Europe
Christian Institute

Almost three-quarters of Danish people 'want to ban circumcision'
The Independent

Death Penalty News

Texas executes ex-gang member for the 2000 shooting deaths of 3 rivals in San Antonio
Fox News

Iran Executes Reyhaneh Jabbari
International Business Times

China cult murder trial: Two members sentenced to death

[Canadian] MPs demand Iran stop executions
Sun News

Senior Mafia leader Habib Istalif executed
Khaama Press


NEW Gibraltar stamp issue: Royal Marines 350th Anniversary

A liberal elite wants to brush Ukip aside

Winston McKenzie: “After the EU – what next? The Commonwealth”

20 LESSONS LEARNED from the OFFICIAL and UNOFFICIAL NO CAMPAIGNS: Or, Why the Vote was so Close and Should Never be so Close Again

Rise of ‘social licence’: Claiming they speak for their community, protest groups are undermining the law

Seven mad policies proposed by the Liberal Democrats

Our boys in the Islamic state: Britain's export jihad
We've become the West's leading producer of 'foreign fighters'. Some day the chickens will come home to roost

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997 – 2013)


Gibraltar can pull off shock result
Comment: Even if Gibraltar's football team are not very good just now they have a right to be in international football just as have Moldova, Andorra, Malta and San Marino. British football supporters need to get behind Gibraltar as the FIFTH British nation !