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Establishment Report Finds Brexit Will Drastically Slash Immigration, BBC Fails To Mention

From Hitler to hiding in the loo: how Ken Livingstone tackled Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis

Extremists free to travel to UK because EU states cannot agree on the definition of a 'foreign fighter'

Boris Johnson: UK and America can be better friends than ever Mr Obama... if we leave the EU
Nigel Farage: Obama is influenced by 'colonial' view of UK

1st black, Muslim & female NUS leader Malia Bouattia accused of racism

South Africa: Malema Threatens to Remove ANC ‘Through Barrel of Gun’

Anders Breivik’s human rights violated in prison, Norway court rules

Labour MP's dealings with Islamic extremists raise doubts over his suitability as London's next mayor

Nato raises 'justified concern' that Isil is plotting nuclear attack on Britain

Turkey threatens to abandon refugee deal

Jamaica may legalise weed and get rid of the Queen

Zac Goldsmith accuses Sadiq Khan of 'giving platform' to extremists

Ruth Davidson's refusal to make a pitch for power
Peter MacMahon - ITV blog

Death Penalty News

Georgia to execute man who killed woman during burglary

The death sentence nightmare

Virginia Governor Scraps Electric Chair Law

Amnesty highlights 'disturbing rise' in global executions

Man sentenced to death for mass nursing home killing

Al Shabaab executes a Tanzanian jihadist in Southern Somalia

Lahore: Three more death row convicts hanged

Death penalty 2015: Facts and figures

Jury recommends death penalty for Tench

Hustle Mart Trial: Judge formally sentences Antwan Anthony to death penalty

Georgia executes Joshua Bishop for 1994 murder

Japan executes two murderers responsible for seven deaths

Polish Muslim leader says death penalty should be reinstated for terrorists

The death penalty saves lives – the pope is wrong to call for a ban
Ann Widdecombe in The Guardian
Comment: Well said Ann


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