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Mass immigration will destroy Britain if we don't act now, blasts Douglas Murray

One in eight people in UK were born overseas: Number of foreigners has now passed 8million
Comment: And yet the Conservative Party wants even more in !

Wife of former Gambian president tagged following East Grinstead benefit fraud conviction

Immigration is the public's biggest concern, poll says

Consultation to start on ‘neglect’ of authority figures who ignored Rotherham abuse

Greece sells airports to Germans as Bundestag prepares for day of reckoning

Eric Pickles interview: multiculturalism is to blame for Tower Hamlets electoral fraud

Minister 'calls for banning of Christianity in schools – threatening British culture'

The great health tourist cover up: Bosses ignored whistleblowers who exposed foreigners' abuse of NHS while Ministers knew for two years but did nothing

Millions of African migrants threaten standard of living, Philip Hammond says

Hard Left Radicals Attack Illegal Immigrant Detention Centre

Council workers must speak fluent English

Death Penalty News

Death sentence imposed Monday against 25-year-old convicted of killing 2 CarQuest workers in 2011

How James Holmes life in prison jury decision reflects death penalty trends

People demand death penalty for child murderer

Saudi Arabia on track to beat annual record of 192 executions

The Problem With Those Opposing Death Penalty In India

Keep Death Penalty For Terrorists

India executes Mumbai bomb plotter Yakub Memon