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Londoners say UK politicians, media getting Ukraine crisis wrong

France's Front National party leader 'opens arms' to UKIP

France is the new cauldron of Eurosceptic revolution
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard  Telegraph blogs

'Muslim Plot' To Take Over Schools Investigated
Sky News

Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation charity advisors 'linked to Muslim Brotherhood'
The Independent

Alex Salmond's Trident plan 'would put UK nuclear deterrent in jeopardy'
The Telegraph

Paedophile ring protected Cyril Smith, MP claims
Monstrous cover-up: How the Liberal party, police and MI5 concealed MP Cyril Smith's industrial-scale child abuse
Mail online
Nick Clegg refuses to hold inquiry into Cyril Smith child abuse allegations
The Telegraph

Our courts should never be dictated to by the EU
The Express

Britain's aid spending the highest in Europe
The Telegraph

Maria Miller quits, leaving PM weakened by sleaze row
The Guardian
Support for Tories falls as post-budget boost is deflated after Maria Miller row
The Guardian
David Cameron rocked by surge in Ukip support
Evening Standard

Peter Hain calls for end to prosecutions over NI Troubles

Eric Pickles: Britain still a Christian nation – get over it
The Guardian
Tower Hamlets: Pickles orders fraud investigation into Lutfur Rahman
The Telegraph
Comment: It's not atheism that is the problem in Tower Hamlets

Farage v Clegg: Ukip leader triumphs in second televised debate
The Guardian

Half a million migrants to come from EU in next five years
The Express
Comment: Clearly the Conservatives are not doing anything about immigration

Brilliant Putin is the leader I most admire, says Nigel Farage
The Telegraph
Comment: Farage undoubtedly speaks for many people

Unite union boss Len McCluskey threatens to launch party to rival Labour
The Independent

US pushing for war over Ukraine
CIA Directs Kiev Proxy Regime to Launch Military Assault against Rebels in Eastern Ukraine
Centre for Research on Globalization

Death Penalty News

Senate authorizes use of electric chair for execution when lethal injection drug not available
The Republic

Mexican National Executed for 1997 Texas Slaying
ABC News

Kim Jong-un executes security minister by flame thrower
The Mirror

Texas Serial Killer Executed After Losing Supreme Court Appeal
Huffington Post

Why do minorities oppose death penalty across U.S. but favor it in Texas?
DallasMorningNews - Opinion Blog

Convicted killer Jeffrey Ferguson executed

Rapper who slit studio owner's throat is put to death after saying goodbye to his daughter in final statement
Mail online

Missouri executes Michael A. Taylor for 1989 murder of teenager
The Kansas City Star

‘God instituted death penalty to crush evil, uphold good’
Philippine Daily Inquirer


Clegg v Farage: The LBC Leaders' Debate

Someone Had Blunder'd - The EU and Ukraine (The Bruges Group)


Reject GIRFEC surveillance and named person for every child in Scotland

Require schools to teach about the two World Wars in new National Curriculum for History (England)

UKIP to be involved in 2015 Televised Debates