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Why Germany is fertile ground for violent extremists

All local government staff must now speak fluent English
Comment: Why not employ British people instead?

Theresa May admits just one in 10 foreign national offenders released into the community is tagged

Police consider terrorism motive behind RAF abduction attempt

Theresa May does not intend to trigger article 50 this year, court told

Hungary: Mass Migration And Terrorism Go Hand In Hand

German train attack: IS releases video of 'Afghan knifeman'

John Kerry Rejects Suggestions of U.S. Involvement in Turkey Coup

Turkey turmoil: Foreign plot or staged coup

The Nice attacks highlight frailty of modern France

Isis claims responsibility for attack in Nice

Nice attack: Gingrich wants 'Sharia test' for US Muslims

Terrorists tortured victims of the Bataclan massacre in November Paris attacks: Reports

'Outrageous' and 'a liar' – Germany and France lead criticism of Boris Johnson

You voted for a revolution... you got a Blair robot
Peter Hitchens in The Mail

'Teflon Theresa' Katie Hopkins hits out at Home Secretary for failing to back Brexit

Death Penalty News

President Erdogan: Ready to reinstate the death penalty
Comment: you know it make sense to do so

Georgia Executes Man on Death Row for 34 Years