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Theresa May: High levels of immigration threatens UK cohesion
Comment: So why are the Conservatives allowing such high levels?!

UK prisoners 'could challenge blanket ban on voting'

End of ISIS? Putin 'sending 150,000 soldiers to Syria to wipe out evil Islamic State' 

If Russian intervention in Syria fails, Mideast will be destroyed, Assad says in Iran TV

Obama Paints Himself, America into Volatile Corner; Russia, Putin Fills Middle Eastern Void
Putin dares, Obama dithers

Russia in Syria: Russian warplanes 'attack CIA-backed Syrian rebel groups' in second day of bombing
Comment: Well done Putin!

Why the west should listen to Putin on Syria
Simon Jenkins in The Guardian

Australia signs Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal
China free trade agreement to invite wave of Chinese workers, drive down wages

“Spain should be dealt with more robustness than reason”

Woman Jailed For Stabbing Paedophile To Death

Meeting of Bossano with Labour’s new controversial leader Corbyn

Giving in to Brussels like giving in to Hitler, says Scots Ukip MEP

Kezia Dugdale Says More Feminists Are Needed In Positions Of Power, Not Just Women In Top Jobs

UKIP accuse Labour of ‘misleading’ voters over ‘people’s railway’ – as EU won't allow it

The House of Lords should be 'sealed up and gassed,' says Katie Hopkins

London cannot ignore Gibraltar’s plea for firmer stance any longer

VOGG call Lidington response ‘absolute nonsense’

Germany Expects A Million Migrants This Year
German Govt Hires Ex-Stasi Agent To Patrol Facebook For ‘Xenophobic’ Comments

Orban’s hard line on migrants proves a ratings winner at home
Hungary's embassy to London flooded with calls from Britons supporting tough stance on migrants
Comment: If only we had a real conservative prime minister like Orban! 

Is it true that David Cameron had sex with a pig?
Is it illegal to have sex with a dead pig? 
Why David Cameron’s ‘Pig-Gate’ Scandal Isn’t Going Away

Katie Hopkins says photo of drowned boy washed up on a Turkish beach has 'conned' Britain into taking action

Migrant Crisis

Four out of five migrants are not from Syria: EU figures expose the 'lie' that the majority of refugees are fleeing war zone 

Europe must enforce quotas for refugees - Berlin

Assad Says West to Blame for Syrian Refugee Crisis

Sky Finds 'Handbook' For EU-Bound Migrants

British aid to refugees smashes through £1billion as Cameron boasts UK is spending more than any EU country

Hungary’s Viktor Orban: Those Crossing Europe Are Immigrants, Not Refugees
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Says Migrant Crisis Is Germany’s Problem
Muslims threaten Europe’s Christian identity, Hungary’s leader says

Death Penalty News

The execution of Alfredo Prieto: Witnessing a serial killer’s final moments

John Kasich on How to Reduce Mass Shootings: More Death Penalty

Richard Branson and Bono celebrate postponement of Richard Glossip execution after lethal injection mix-up

Texas, top state for executions, may go a year without a death penalty conviction

Death Row Woman Executed Despite Pope's Plea

Hangman’s quagmire

3 murder victims’ families prepare for Alfredo Prieto’s execution

Two murder convicts hanged in Punjab jails