In Memory of Allan Robertson

It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden and untimely death of our Chairman and organiser, Allan Robertson.

Allan had as a youth been Chairman of the Scottish branch of the Monday Club before moving to London. He joined the London Swinton Circle and took over the running of the Circle from Bee Carthew in 1992.  He was a contributing editor of Right Now! magazine from the end of the nineties until 2004. From 1999 he published his own news bulletin Tough Talking from the Right.

He was very much a proud Unionist. Allan was a member of the Loyal Orange Order, and always supported Ulster and their rights as fellow British subjects. He was committed to closer ties with the British Dominions, and regularly visited Gibraltar. He enjoyed memorials, statues and plaques to our national heroes and to our past, and would visit them in his travels around the country.

Politically Allan was a traditional conservative.  He fully supported the restoration of the death penalty. He took a strong stance on immigration. He opposed ‘politically correct’ nonsense in whatever shape or form it took, alas much of it emanating from the Conservative Party.

During Allan’s time the Circle would pay witness to the rise of UKIP as more and more people called for independence from the EU, a campaign which Allan as a patriot, of course, endorsed. Allan lived to see Brexit; he recognised that it was not an end, but very much a beginning.

Allan was a great organiser, and endeavoured to get many MPs to speak to the Circle, as well as many other individuals of note. Members acknowledge the time and effort Allan put into the Circle.

Allan died unexpectedly while still a young man. He would have considered that he still had much work to do. Undoubtedly, he would have wished to be remembered as someone who maintained the traditions of the past, as a true conservative should do; and, he would have expected us all to continue to maintain and promote the principles of true Conservatism and of Unionism.