Section 98 of the Coronavirus Act 2020 makes provision for the Act to be reviewed after six months. Contact your MP and remind him or her of this and request that the Act and any related legislation be repealed and that lockdown and its related measures be brought to an end. Make it clear to him or her that lockdown was a political decision and that you hold them accountable for it and for any continuation of it.

We are all aware that Covid-19 is an illness with potentially life-threatening consequences for some –  just like many other illnesses. However, the Government’s response to it has been out of all proportion; it is irrational. That response has had a serious economic effect which will be felt by the whole country for some time. It has caused undue panic and stress to millions. It must be emphasised that lockdown was a political act. It is lockdown which has caused the economic problems we are now enduring, not Covid as many news sources falsely claim.

A rationale for lockdown was that it ‘flattened the curve’, by which is meant that the peak period for deaths would not overwhelm the health system. If that rationale is accepted then there is no longer a reason for lockdown or related measures because the peak period has now passed. What must be noted is that during that peak period, when everyone was out clapping, the health system coped despite the blundering and incompetence of the government. If it could cope during the peak period then it can cope during the trough.

One of the worst aspects of the lockdown has been the ‘project fear’. This is most notoriously associated with Professor Neil Ferguson but even without his fantasy figures it is assiduously promoted by the BBC and every mainstream news provider through insinuation and manipulation. The public is subjected to a constant stream of numbers which are irrelevant to them. Always the largest number is presented, a global number before the UK number, the numbers who have been infected before the numbers of deaths. And presented as if there were no other statistics of deaths from any other illness, because Covid-19 is somehow ‘different’; yet the only thing different about Covid is how the government has responded to it.

And the numbers, or the cause of the numbers, are disputed. No country seems to record the deaths in the same way. It is recognised that some deaths are being listed as due to Covid when it was not the cause. It is recognised that many Covid listed deaths could be attributable to an underlying condition. The numbers then do not state a fact but describe an interpetation of multiple facts.

Apologists for the Conservative Party might argue that a ‘project fear’ was necessary to achieve compliance during the peak period because telling the truth would not have achieved the same result. That might be true, but this is to admit that the government was unable to implement any other response, an inability which is seemingly confirmed by the fiasco of getting a test and trace system in place. But what sort of government rules by fear?

Fear has created divisions.  There are now a number of people who are afraid to use public transport or return to work or allow their children back to school.  It has bred two types of conspiracy theorists, those who believe that there is a ‘cover up’ and that there are more deaths and that the illness is worse than claimed – which is fully acceptable to the establishment as it promotes the fear that they want; and those who believe that the pandemic is a hoax and part of a sinister plot by the elite – which is obviously not acceptable to the establishment as it rejects the fear. Then there are the masks; if staying at home was an inconvenience the masks are an imposition. And in the divided society created by the government’s promotion of fear masks have become a symbol for each political side.

We should reflect upon the words of Professor Mark Woolhouse OBE who has said “Lockdown was a panic measure and I believe history will say trying to control Covid-19 through lockdown was a monumental mistake on a global scale, the cure was worse than the disease.”

Lockdown has not cured Covid-19, it never could. Instead this political decision has impacted on people’s livelihoods, on their education, on their mental health. The Conservative Party must be held to account for lockdown in the same way it is held to account for any other political decision it makes.  If the Labour Party refuses to oppose the Conservatives then they too must be held responsible.

The role of the World Health Organisation in the political decision making must be questioned. Arguments had been made that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus might be too close to China. But irrespective of the current political alignment of the WHO as a point of principle and sovereignty we should not be subject to its influence. It is not just the EU that we need a Brexit from, we also need a Brexit from the WHO. That is the sort of political decision this government should be making, but is failing to make.

It is time, indeed it is long overdue, to bring this “monumental mistake” to an end.

Contact your MP. End the lockdown and repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020.