We urge you to contact regularly your MP and your local Councillors and demand that they take action on the issues that affect you and your country.  Never be deterred if you encounter indifference, cynical political correctness, or even anti-democratic derision, always remind them that they are there to represent you, and that they are only there because people like you elected them. Emphasise that they are paid by the taxpayer and as such they are employees of the state, and at every election voters like you have the ability to terminate their employment. We the taxpayer are paying their wages and expenses, so make those politicians earn those ill-gotten gains.

You can visit politicians in person at their surgery, and you can contact them by writing and by email.

As well as Hansard online for debates, there are a number of websites that can let you know how your MP votes such as They Work For You, and The Public Whip.

You can usually ask a question at your local Council and attend its meetings – do so. Local Council meetings are often filmed and streamed online now as well so you can find out what, if anything, your local Councillors are saying and doing.

And if a politician does do something worthwhile then write to them and let them know that you approve of their vote on a decision or their comment made in a debate. An MP’s, or a Councillor’s, staff will always pass on positive comments!

Are you a member of your local party? If not, why not? A local party is only as good as it’s membership; if your party is no good that is because you are not involved with it.

Yes, the country is in ruins and the politicians are an absolute shower, but things will never get better by whinging and moaning. Get out there and be politically active: one little thing by you might change everything.