The Express: Boris in crunch meeting with Red Wall MPs amid fears PM to cave to EU demands

The Irish Times:  Dominic Cummings departure means ‘Brexit sell-out’, says Nigel Farage

BBC: Labour should apologise for Brexit policy, say key Corbyn allies

Evening Standard:  Jon Voight calls Joe Biden’s US election victory a ‘lie’ and calls on Republicans to ‘fight’ for Donald Trump

South China Morning Post:  China’s new trade strategy seeks to build on export boom amid fresh coronavirus lockdowns in the West

👏BBC: Anti-lockdown Tory MPs to resist ‘repeated’ restrictions

Breitbart News:  Boris Johnson Calls Joe Biden to Congratulate Him on ‘Win’, Plot ‘Build Back Better’ Green Agenda

Christian Institute:  Top lawyers slam Scots hate crime Bill

Evening Standard:  Conservative MPs urge Boris Johnson to get London out of lockdown as coronavirus cases fall

RT:  UK govt admits showing misleading Covid-19 figures in Downing St. briefing after coming under fire for lack of data transparency

Sky News:  UK terror threat level raised to ‘severe’ – meaning attack is ‘highly likely’

Breitbart News: NGOs Demand Britain Open Borders to Migrants Across the World After Boat Deaths

👍The Mail:  LORD SUMPTION: I’m yet to meet a single person who plans to obey the ban on meeting friends and family indoors… why on earth should they?

😡The Telegraph:  UK set to become biggest country donor to World Health Organisation, Boris Johnson to announce


Petition:  Repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020


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