SANA:  Syrians celebrate the winning of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, raise the flag of hope with work
RT:   Syrians filled the polling stations to defend their sovereignty and now fill the streets to celebrate the result

ITV:  Fishmongers’ Hall inquest: String of failures led by police and MI5 factor in deaths of Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt

The Express:  Boris sticks it to bloc: EU critic Orban welcomed as Hungary admits UK loss – ‘We suffer’

Spiked!:  The manufacturing of fear   The media have terrorised the public during the pandemic.

BBC: What did Dominic Cummings say?

Breitbart News:    Priti Useless: Illegal Channel Crossings Double as Migrants Target Smaller Ports in Bigger Boats

BBC: BBC’s reputation highly damaged by Diana interview report, says Patel
The Mail:  How high up did the conspiracy go? Veteran reporter TOM MANGOLD believes worse revelations will emerge about his lying Panorama colleague and BBC cover-up
RT:  Calls to #DefundTheBBC as Princess Diana’s sons lead outcry after report reveals journalists lied to land her bombshell interview

PressTV:  Global awakening: Unprecedented pro-Palestine rallies hit Europe, elsewhere
The Guardian:  Thousands gather in London for Palestine solidarity march

Vox:  The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is exposing a deep schism in the Democratic Party

Belfast News Letter:  UUP peer: The prime minster has created a great sense of betrayal over his Irish Sea border

Breitbart News:   Rochdale Child Rapists Granted Over £2 Million in Taxpayer-Funded Legal Aid

Belfast News Letter:  DUP revolution looms as party elects Edwin Poots as leader, in blow to party establishment

Belfast Telegraph:  BBC accused of Edwin Poots ‘lambast’ over religious beliefs

SANA:  Shaaban: Palestinian people have proven that Zionist entity is the side which practices terrorism

Tehran Times:  Islamic Ummah is against occupation not Judaism

Press TV:  Leaked documents prove UK funded anti-Damascus groups


Petition:   Reinstate the RS teacher that has been suspended at Batley Grammar School.