The Guardian: Growing number of Tory MPs join attempt to topple Theresa May

The Independent: Jacob Rees-Mogg submits letter of no confidence in Theresa May in a Eurosceptic rallying call

The Telegraph:  This ghost of a prime minister has humiliated her country and lied to its people. She must go, and go now

BBC: Brexit: ‘PM has broken promises’ – DUP

Breitbart News:  Farage: This is the Worst Deal in History Because The People Who Oppose Brexit Are Still in Charge

RT: Amnesty strips Aung San Suu Kyi of its highest honor; Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize should be next

BBC:  MP Fiona Onasanya ‘lied to avoid speeding prosecution’

The Mail: Labour MP and her convicted drug dealer son ‘are living in social housing home worth £750,000 despite earning up to £130,000 a year’


This is Brexit: