Financial Times:  Parler sues Amazon for cutting its service due to ‘political animus’

RT:  Trump says impeachment moves against him are causing anger, but insists ‘I want no violence’

BBC: Capitol riots: Trump says his speech was totally appropriate

Sky News:  US Capitol: Police regain control after Donald Trump supporters storm building, with four dead and bombs found
BBC:  Capitol riots: Congress certifies Joe Biden’s victory after violent disruption
New American:  Is MAGA’s Storming of the Capitol an Omen of Coming Civil War?

The London Economic:  Piers Corbyn announces he is running for London Mayor

DublinLive:  Objects hurled at gardai during protests over shooting of George Nkencho in Dublin
Daily Trust: Nigerian killed in Ireland: NIDCOM demands justice

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Al-Jazeera: Saudi women’s rights activist al-Hathloul given prison sentence

CNN: Why Donald Trump is already the 2024 GOP frontrunner

Breitbart News:  Lockdowns Were Inspired by the CCP, admits Professor Pantsdown

🤯Evening Standard: Tier 4 rules for London as Christmas cancelled by stay at home lockdown
👏The Express:  London lockdown protest: Violent clashes erupt as Boris puts capital into Tier 4
👍Metro: Donald Trump criticises London lockdown saying it’s ‘worse than problem itself’
😣The Guardian:  Johnson U-turn leaves nation’s plans for Christmas in tatters
👍Spiked! :  The shocking cruelty of cancelling Christmas  The government’s neo-Cromwellian edict is a disgrace.

The Mail: Matt Hancock is a busted flush and the public deserve a break from him, writes former Cabinet minister David Mellor

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RT: Official review shows MI6 agents engaged in ‘serious criminality’ abroad, as tribunal reveals agency is also free to break UK law

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BBC: Japan ‘Twitter killer’ Takahiro Shiraishi sentenced to death


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