The Monarchy

Prime Ministers:

UK  Canada  Australia  New Zealand


UK  Canada  Australia  New Zealand

Gibraltar  Falkland Islands

Political Parties:

The Conservative Party

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

Democratic Unionist Party

Traditional Unionist Voice

Ulster Unionist Party

Campaign Groups:

Australian Monarchist League

British Made For Quality

British Weights and Measures Association

The Bruges Group

Campaign for Real Education

The Christian Institute

Conservative Woman

The Constitutional Monarchy Association

Countryside Alliance

A Force For Good

Freedom Association

Help for Heroes

Henry Jackson Society

Libertarian Alliance

Migration Watch

Monarchy New Zealand

Reform Group

The TaxPayers’ Alliance

Traditional Britain Group

United Kingdom National Defence Association (UKNDA)

Vote No Republic (Australia)


Archbishop Cranmer

Bill McMurdo

Climate Science


The Ludwig von Mises Centre UK


Bomber Command Memorial

Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust

Gibraltar Heritage Trust

Gibraltar Stamps


The June Press

The Quarterly Review

The Salisbury Review



Ask for a Crown Court sentence to be reviewed