Tough Talking from the Right (TTFTR) was created to provide opposition within the Conservative Party to the modernising tendency which began to gain strength after the 1997 Election defeat when the wrong reasons for the defeat were diagnosed. Defeat had nothing to do with the ‘nasty’ party concept but everything to do with Major’s abandonment of traditional Conservative and Unionist values after he took office in late 1990.

So what has TTFTR campaigned on since 1999?

  • Against the MacPherson report
  • Against the Patten Report
  • Against the Human Rights Act and European Court of Human Rights
  • Against the International Criminal Court
  • Against Identity Cards
  • Against the many breaches of the principle of equal rights for all but special privileges for none
  • Against homosexual ‘marriage’
  • Against the appeasement of terrorism
  • Against climate change scaremongering
  • For better and more democratic government in Ulster
  • For the death penalty, highlighting the good work done by many Americans on this issue and also by Christian groups in countries like Botswana and regions like the British Caribbean
  • For a better historical understanding of the British Empire
  • For a return to a leadership in the Conservative Party which embraces Traditional Conservative and Unionist principles
  • For a substantial reduction in immigration and a saner immigration policy based on national needs
  • TTFTR has promoted the work and literature of many other individual Conservatives and like-minded groups
  •  TTFTR has also provided a regular diet of political news from the British nations overseas as too much of our news is about the EU and the USA

TTFTR is edited by Allan Robertson

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